Rasim Bayramov Email  Instagram   Resume They find comfort in the discovery of the unknown. Inviting others to connect with it through rituals, their work uses the human body as an interface for a link. A link that goes through bodies of nature, objects of use, everyday experiences, technology and memory. An ever changing scale that carries weights of culture, social structures, gender and post-colonial reality, balanced at times with collectivity and participation. The manifestation of these ideas find themselves in websites, installations, print, videos, performances and sculptures. Rasim Bayramov is a designer and artist interested in unfolding of objects, humans, technologies and their invisible links through websites, sculptures, print and more From Baku to Istanbul to (currently) Richmond. Switch to UX Design portfolio
Identity, Print, Website2024
Installation, Website2023
Site Intervention, Installation, Website, Participatory2024
Site Intervention, Installation, Website2023
Website, Mobile, Interactive2023-2024
Performance, Print, Publication2024
Performance, Cups, Participatory2024
Sound, Website, Participatory2024
Print, Anthology, Publication2024
Print, Publication, Series2024
Print, Publication2024
Identity, Print, Poster2023
Identity, Print2023
Performance, Video2023
Installation, AR2023
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